Félix Vallotton, Biographie

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1/25, edition de luxe, two frontispieces, title page, text, and 45 prints (the first five of these are woodcuts; the remainder reduced photo reproductions of woodcuts).
a: frontispiece: Street Scene
b: second frontispiece: Street Scene
c: title page with vignette portrait of Félix Vallotton (G.81)(V&G.82)
1: Napoléon (G. 179)(V&G.181)
2: Adolph Menzel (G.178)(V&G.180)
3: Félix Faure (G.177)(V&G.179)
4: La Reine Victorie / Queen Victoria (G.175)(V&G.177)
5: Guillaume II / William II (G.176)(V&G.178)
6: Félix Valloton (G.81) (V&G.82)
7: A Edgar Poe / To Edgar Poe (G.145)(V&G.147)
8: A Berlioz / To Berlioz (G.82)(V&G.83)
9: A Baudelaire / To Baudelaire (G. 91)(V&G.97)
10: A Paul Verlaine / To Paul Verlaine (G.79)(V&G.80)
11: A Th. Dostoiewski / To Th. Dostoevsky (G.161)(V&G.163)
12: A Ibsen / To Ibsen (G.135)(V&G.136)
13: A Schumann / To Schumann (G.130)(V&G.131)
14: A Richard Wagner / To Richard Wagner (G.80) (V&G.81)
15: Petites Baigneuses / Little Bathers:
Le Baigneuse à l'Enfant / Bather with Child (G.124)(V&G.125); Les Baigneuses Surprises par l'Orage / Bathers Suprised by a Storm (G.123)(V&G.124); Les Deux Fillettes en Chemise / Two Girls in Chemises (G.120)(V&G.121); La Baigneuse aux Cygnes / Bather with Swans (G.125)(V&G.126).
16: La Paresse / Laziness (G.167)(V&G.169)
17: Petites Baigneuses / Little Bathers:
La Sortie du Bain / Coming Out of the Water (G.119)(V&G.120); L'Entrée dans l'eau / Going into the Water (G.117)(V&G.118); Baigneuse Enlevant sa Chemise/ Girl Taking off her Chemise (G.121)(V&G.122); Jeux au Soleil / Playing in the Sun (G.122)(V&G.123); Deux Baigneuses Assises / Two Seated Bathers (G.116)(V&G.117); Baigneuses étendues sur l'herbe / Bathers Lying on the Grass (G.118)(V&G.119)
18: La Confiant / A Trusting Man (G.159)(V&G.161)
19: Les Cygnes / Swans (G.94)(V&G.100)
20: Le Poker / Poker (G.168)(V&G.170)
21: La Sortie / An Evening Out (G.160)(V&G.162)
22: Le Mont Blanc (G.100)(V&G.87)
23: Le Beau Soir / Beautiful Evening (G.92)(V&G.98)
24: Les Petite Fils / Little Girls (G.128)(V&G.129)
25: L'Averse / The Shower (G.147)(V&G.149)
26: Le Coup de Vent / The Gust of Wind (G.143)(V&G.145)
27: La Modiste / The Milliner (G.136)(V&G.138)
28: Le Bon Marché / Department Store (G.115)
29: Le Couplet Patriotique / The Patriotic Ditty (G.126)(V&G.127)
30: L'Etranger / The Stranger (G.137)(V&G.137)
31: La Rixe / Game of Risk (G.95)(V&G.101)
32: La Foule a Paris / Paris Crowd (G.96)(V&G.91)
33: La Manifestation / Demonstration (G.109)(V&G.110)
34: Petits Anges / Little Angels (G.138)(V&G.139)
35: L'Anarchiste / Anarchist (G.99)
36: Le Suicide / Suicide (G.140)(V&G.143)
37: L'Assassinat / Murder (G.114)(V&G.113)
38: L'Execution / Execution (G.139)(V&G.142)
39: L'Absoute / Funeral Service (G.144)(V&G146)
40: Le Mauvais Pas / A Tight Corner (G.129)(V&G.130)
41: Les Nécrophores / Necophores (G.104)(V&G.106)
42: Le Mur / The Wall (G.93)(V&G.99)
43: L'Enterrement / The Burial (G.83)(V&G.84)
44: Crow and worm
45: Les Amateurs d'Estampes / Print Fanciers (G.105)(V&G.107)

Félix Vallotton, Biographie, Julius Meier-Graefe (German, 1867–1935), Illustrations: woodcuts and photo-reproductions of woodcuts

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