Album containing prints clipped from American and British periodicals

Various artists/makers

Not on view

50 leaves mounted with 122 works, prints and a few watercolors. Dark green cover embossed with a pattern of leaves and fruits.
1: "Beauty's Retreat," for “Graham's Magazine,” Jan. 1, 1852, published Philadelphia by Illman & Sons, oval within a gray lithographed border [woman in Eastern dress plaiting her hair on a balcony before a mountain landscape].
2: Portrait of Princess Victoria, after A. M. Huffam, engraved by John Rogers, published by Joseph Robins, Bride Court, Fleet Street, London [1837-40]. (O'Donoghue, 41) [the sitter at age seventeen, re-issued here after she acceded to the throne; standing next to a crown and flowers, with a small greyhound and a distant view of Windsor Castle].
3: Male European water carrier near a mountain lake with a waterfall; hand colored aquatint [no text; artists unknown].
4: "Children at the Brook," 1826-30, after A. M. Huffam, engraved by John Rogers, published by Joseph Robins [two children beside a stream, one holding a jug].
5: "The Lady Isabel," for “Graham's Magazine"(?), after John Hayter, published by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch and Smillie [woman seated by a table with flowers, hooded falcons behind her].
6: "The Intemperate," after Francois Grenier, engraved by William E. Tucker, published Philadelphia by Key and Biddle [family walking on a road, a man, a woman carrying two children, another child walking].
7: "Summer Flowers," engraved by Joseph Napoleon Gimbrede, after J. Browne [these artists created images for the New York Mirror in 1841] [two young women seated in a landscape, gathering flowers; same print as no. 47; J. Browne's first name and dates are not known].
8: "The Cottage Door," engraved by John Rogers, after William Owen [young woman reading, a boy sleeping resting on her knee].
9: "Boston," embossed paper design, touched with watercolor [distant view; no artist].
10: "Miriam," for “Graham’s Magazine, engraved by Archibald L. Dick, after Fanny Corbould [young woman with hair in ringlets, leaning on a balustrade].
11: "Brother & Sister," engraved by John Sartain after Francis X. Winterhalter [published in “The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature and Science,” 1859] [two children seated in a landscape, a hound lying next to them].
12: "The Rival Favourites," engraved by John Rogers, after Arthur William Devis [a boy holding a small white dog, a girl embracing a cat that sits on a chair].
13: "The Magic Mirror," engraved by Edward James Portbury, after John Massey Wright [illustration to "The Keepsake" 1829] [a cloaked man stands next to a mirror that reveals a dramatic scene, the image witnessed by two women].
14: "Guy's Cliff, Warwickshire, the Seat of Bertie Greathead, Esq." [no artists identified].
15: "The Little Nurse," engraved by John Sartain, after Robert Farrier [a girl holding a cat seated outside a rustic structure].
16: "The Inconstant," engraved by Charles Heath, after E.P. Stephanoff, published by Longman & Co. [in a garden near a statue of embracing figures, a young man places a wreath of flowers on the head of young woman, watched by a second woman who holds a fan].
17: "Childhood (or Our Father's Darling)," engraved by John Cheney, after Thomas Sully, published Butler & [?], 1840 [a child with curly hair, nude to the waist, leans on a rock at left, looking right].
18: "The Albanian Brigand," engraved by John Rogers, after A. M. Huffam [a man with long hair sleeps on a rocky ledge, with a child lying across his arm, they are watched over by a woman who looks up at the moon].
19: "Virginia Water," engraved by Robert William Wallis after J.M.W. Turner, published by Hurst & Co., R. Jennings, and Giraldon, Bovinet & Co [a barge is rowed towards swans and ducks, with a pavilion on the far shore].
20: "The Persian Lovers," engraved by Edward James Portbury after Henry Corbould [a man and a woman seated in a tropical landscape].
21: "Scene from the Bride of Lammermoor," engraved by Frederick A. Heath after Eliza Sharpe, published London, Longman & Co. [a man in a dark suit addresses two women and an elderly man].
22: "Grace St. Aubyn," engraved by Henry Thomas Ryall after Edmund Thomas Parris (vide The Last Days of St. Aubyns, a Poem; Book of Beauty, 1833) [three-quarter image of a woman with a low cut dress, necklace and pearl earrings; related text tipped in].
23: "Eastern Love Letter," engraved by John Rogers after Paul Emile Destouches [a young woman hands a flower out through a window to a young musician seated on a bench below].
24: "The Narrative," engraved by William Greatbach after Thomas Stothard, published London by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, Nov. 1830 [men and women seated in a glade listening to a storyteller].
25: "__felt as she sank on her knees in that wilderness as if all hope had departed," Cephas Grier Childs, after Henry Corbould.
26: "I charm the fairy footed hours...," engraved by Joseph Ives Pease after Thomas Stothard, illustrating a poem by Rogers, published Philadelphia [woman weaving a wreath, seated outdoors].
27: "Pretty Poll," engraved by John Sartain after Thomas Crane [two children in an interior with a parrot in a cage].
28: "Girard's Bank, Philadelphia," published Hildesheim? [engraved text in German].
29: "The Dying Greek," engraved by John B. Forrest, after Philip Francis Stephanoff [women and children gathered around a woulnded man who lies on the ground, palm tree in the distance].
30: "The Shepherd Boy," engraved by John Rogers, after Henry William Pickersgill [a boy holding a set of pipes, leaning on a rock, looking at a black and white dog].
31: "Mausoleum in Lucknow," engraved by W. J. Cooke after William Dalziell.
32: "Mount Zion, Jerusalem, The Mosque of David," engraved for “The Ladies Companion,” by Archibald Dick, after a drawing by G. Balmar from a sketch by Frederick Catherwood.
33: "Auld Robin Gray," engraved by Charles Rolls [text says H. Rolls] after John Wood [illustrates a poem written in 1772 by the Scottish poet Lady Anne Lindsay; within a cottage, an old man supports the hand of a young woman who is watched intently by a man at left; an old woman sitting next to a spinning wheel at right].
34: "The Milk Girl," engraved by Thomas Hollis after Richard Westall [a girl carrying a bucket on her head prepares to cross a rustic bridge].
35: Child musicians receive money from a woman and child [no engraved text; no artists identified].
36: A man with a peg leg telling stories to children outside a cottage [no text; no artists identified].
37: Portrait of a 17th century man in armor and a white neck piece, engraved by John Sartain.
38: "A French Dragoon Guard, in the Retreat from Moscow, 1812," engraved by John Rogers after Edouard Alexandre Odier.
39: "Lydia Purple's Valentine," engraved by Stephen Henry Gimber, after Octavius Oakley [a woman in a gown, leaning back in chair, holding two papers].
40: "Feckenham by Order of the Queen Visits Lady Jane Gray in the Tower," J. B. Longacre after James Northcote, engraved for the prize copies of the Library Edition in Hume's England, vol. II, ch. XXXVI, published by Eliakim Littell, Philadelphia.
41: "The Fair Client," engraved by Archibald L. Dick after Phillip Francis Stephanoff [middle aged lawyer sits next to a young woman holding papers, accompanied by a dog].
42: "Mammoth Cave," engraved by John Sartain after Dr. Bird [landscape with cave entrance at center].
43: "Hope Deferred," engraved by Addison, after John Bostock [nearly full length portrait of a young woman, seated; the engraver's first name and dates not known].
44: "The Culprit Detected," John B. Neagle after Robert Farrier, published Philadelphia by T. T. Ash [man seizes a boy by the collar who drops stolen fruit].
45: "The Last Rose of Summer," engraved by T. Flemming [relates to an 1805 poem by Thomas Moore; artist's first name and dates not known; a seated woman with long side curls holds a rose, landscape behind].
46: "Mme. Pasta," drawn on stone by Albert Newsam, lithographed by P. S. Dural, Philadelphia, published in “The Parlour Review,” No. 5, George Carstensen, editor.
47: "Summer Flowers," engraved by Joseph Napoleon Gimbrede, after J. Browne [these artists created images for the “New York Mirror” in 1841] [same print as no. 7; J. Browne's first name and dates not known].
48: "Charles Kemble as Hamlet," engraved by John Rogers.
49: "Kate Manley," engraved by J. D. Gross for the “Lady's National Magazine” [artist's first name and dates not known; this magazine became Peterson's Magazine in 1848; seated woman wearing three strings of pearls, holding a flower, a curtain above]].
50: "Gallery of the Chateau de Blois," lithograph [no artist's names; monks standing in a cloister].
51: "The Origin of Music" [a man wearing animal hides fashioning reed pipes for his children; no artists identified].
52: "The Lost Children," engraved by John Rogers after Ary Scheffer [two children in a landscape, a girl stands with folded hands, a boy sits and weeps].
53: "Francis Rawdon, Marquis of Hastings," 1829, engraved by George Parker after Martin Archer Shee.
54: "Capitol of the United States, Washington, West Front," after W. Goodacre, engraved and published by Fenner, Sears & Co.
55: "Undercliff, the Gem of the Hudson, the Seat of General Morris," engraved for “Burton's Magazine” [no artists identified].
56: "The Painter's Study," ca. 1840, engraved by Alexander Lawson after William Sidney Mount, printed by Butler and Long [an artist standing next to an easel shows his work to a man holding a whip].
57: "The Banks O'Doon," engraved by Robert William Wallis, after William Henry Bartlett [illustrates a poem by Robert Burns; river landscape].
58: "The Discovery," engraved by Samuel Sartain, after John Philip Davis, for Sartain's Magazine [two young women, one whispering into the other's ear].
59: "Piazza of Congress Hall, Saratoga Springs," drawn by Charles W. Burton, engraved and printed by Fenner, Sears & Co., London, published Sept. 1, 1830 by Jennings & Chaplin & I.T. Hinton [probably engraved by T. Illman].
60: "Abercrombie Square, Liverpool," engraved by J. Starling, after G. & C. Pyne [probably published 1831 in Lancashire Illustrated] [artist's first name and dates not known].
61: "Rhodes," engraved by William Finden after J. M. W. Turner, published London 1833, by J. Murray and sold by C. Tilt.
62: "The Auld Farmer's Address to His Mare Maggie," engraved by John Rogers, after John Massey Wright, published London, George Virtue, 1839 [a farmer feeds his horse outside a stone cottage, watched by a younger man who holds a pitchfork].
63: "The Canary Bird," engraved by J. Andrews after Alfred Edward Chalon [a young woman leans out an open winodow to show a flower to a bird in a cage].
64: "Hall of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia," drawn by Charles W. Burton, engraved and printed by Fenner, Sears & Co., London, published Dec. 1, 1830 by Simpkin & Marshall and I. T. Hinton.
65: "The First Scrape," engraved by Archibald L. Dick, after Robert Farrier [young violinist making a noise that pains a woman standing next to him, and causing a dog to howl].
66: "State Street, Boston," engraved by Samuel Lacey after William Henry Bartlett, published London by George Virtue, 1837.
67: "Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire," Watkins after Harwood, from "Lancashire Illustrated," 1829 [artist's first names and dates not identified]
68: "The Tight Shoe," Thomas Kelly after Henry James Richter [man in a cobbler's shp trying on a shoe].
69: "City Hall, New York," after Charles W. Burton, printed by Fenn, Sears & Co., London, Published Sept. 1, 1830, by Jennings & Chaplin, & I. T. Hinton.
70: "Cove Harbour, Cork, Looking Toward Rostellan," engraved by Charles Heath, after William Henry Bartlett, published 1830 by Fisher, Son & Co.
71: "The Hungarian Princess," after Holmes, engraved by Thomas Illman & Edward Pilbrow for The Atlantic Souvenir, 1832 [young woman wearing a turban, her head propped on one hand].
72: "The Cotter's Saturday Night," engraved by John Rogers, after John Massey Wright [illustrates a poem by Robert Burns; figures gathered around a table as a man reads from a book by candlelight].
73: "Addison's Walk, A Moonlit Scene on the Banks of the Thames at Oxford, England, with a view of Christ Church Cathedral," engraved by A. W. Graham, after Alfred Vickers, engraved for Burton's Magazine [“Gentleman's Magazine,” Philadelphia, 1840].
74: Portrait of William Henry Harrison [no artists names].
75: "Harrison Medal," approved April 1818, engraved by Doolittle and Munson, Cincinnati and M. Lyons & Co., 50 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, for Niles Register, vol. XIV, 1818, p. 186.
76: "The Political Cobbler," engraved by G. E. Price, after Alexander Chisholme [no first names or dates found for G. E. Price; a cobbler sits at his work bench, doing business with a man who holds a group of small figurines; family members watch at left].
77: "Clorinda, or the Necklace Pearl," engraved by Charles Heath, after F. P. Stephanoff [a man removes his mask and grasps the wrist of a woman by moonlight next to a flight of steps, revelers in the background].
78: "The Reefer," engraved by Archibald Dick, after Alfred E. Chalon [a boy leans on a the top of a sail, holding a spyglass].
79: "New Haven, Connecticut, View Looking South West, Across the Green, Towards Yale College," after A. J. Davis, engraved and printed by Fenner, Sears & Co., published Sept. 1, 1830, by Jennings and Chaplin, and I. T. Hinton.
80: Magnolia blossom and leaves, color lithograph [no artist identified].
81: "Theatre, Newport," engraved by Fenner, Sears & Co. after William Goodacre, Jr., published London, Dec. 15, 1831, by I. T. Hinton & Simpkin and Marshall.
82: "Not Invited," engraved by W. H. Ellis for Godeys Lady's Book [boy at dinner with dog begging].
83: "Milan Cathedral", engraved by William Wallis after Samuel Prout.
84: "Jealousy," engraved by Charles Heath, after F. P. Stephanoff [a man at right looks angrily as another man courts a young woman; dancers in the background].
85: "William Harrison Ainsworth," after Daniel Maclise [no engraver].
86: A young woman leaning against a fence next to a bundle of sticks [no artist identified].
87: "The Spanish Flower Girl," engraved by John Rogers, after Murillo [a painting in the Dulwich Picture Gallery].
88: "Isabel", engraved by T. Flemming [a young woman holding a lapdog, seated before a landscape].
89: "Georgiana, Duchess of Bedford," engraved by Charles Heath, after Edwin Landseer [facing left, three-quarter length].
90: Two women in Spanish costume, one strumming a guitar [no artists identified].
91: "The Love Letter" [no artists identified; a woman in seventeenth century dress looks out an open window, holding a letter]
92: "Landscape with a rainbow," watercolor [after a print, no artists identified].
93: "The Farmer's Daughter," engraved by F. Humphrys, after James Holmes [a young woman standing with harvested wheat with a dog, before a field].
94: "The Resurrection," engraved by Johnson after Carl Vanloo [1734 painting, now Milwaukee Art Museum] [first name of Johnson not identified].
95: "Abraham Offering Up His Son Isaac," engraved by Richard Sly, published London, July 1836 by William Darton & Son [after Antoine Coypel, the latter not identified here]
96: "The Village School," engraved by Alfred Jones, after Joseph Beaune.
97: "The Decision of the Flower," engraved by Charles Heath, after a drawing by T. M. Wright [Joseph Massey Wright] after Moritz Retsch, published London by Hurst, Robinson & Co. [for "The Literary Souvenir, or, Cabinet of Poetry and Romance"; a young man stands with a young woman as she looks at a flower].
98: "The Secret of Poesy," engraved by John B. Neagle, after William Croome [a woman with a harp in a rocky landscape next to river].
99: "The Brigand's Cave," engraved by Charles Rolls, after Thomas Uwins [a woman sits and watches a sleeping child, a man lying to her right].
100: "Threescore and Ten," engraved by Francis Kearny, after William Frederick Witherington [a peddlar offers a tray of wars to a woman and children at the door of a cottage].
101: "The Language of Flowers" [no artist identified; two young firls, one holding flowers in her skirt, a river behind; within a floral border].
102: "George Washington," engraved by Illman & Company, after Gilbert Stuart.
103: "General Zachary Taylor" [no artist identified].
104: Mother and child, hand colored [no artist identified; the woman wears a feathered hat and holds a fan].
105: "Jacob & Rachel," engraved by H. E. Tripler after Frédéric Schopin.
106: Portrait of Frederika Bremer, engraved for "Godey's Ladys Book" [no artists identified].
107: Napoleon Crossing the Alps, after Jacques Louis David [no engraver identified].
108: Portrait of Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879), engraved by William G. Armstrong, after William B. Chambers.
109: Portrait of Robert Penn Smith [no artist identified].
110: Portrait of William Henry Harrison, lithographed by Benjamin William Thayer, Boston.
111: "The Maid of Saragosa," engraved by Archibald L. Dick, after John Frederick Lewis, published New York by G. Dearborn.
112: Unidentified male portrait, seated [no artist identified; half length, facing left].
113: "Pansies," color lithograph [no artist identified].
114: "The Flight into Egypt," engraved by Johnson after Carl Vanloo, published in Sartain's Magazine.
115: "He Comes Not" [no artist identified; young woman wearing a veil and jeweled belt leans on a stone table and holds up the other hand].
116: "The Dawning Light," after W. Brown [a young woman in eastern costume holds up an oil lamp].
117: "Hebe with a cup and Zeus's Eagle" [no artist identified].
118: "Flight of Time," engraved by Tucker, after William Croome, designed and engraved for "Godey's Lady's Book," 1850, printed by John M. Butler [an allegorical figure sits at right holding a copy of the periodical dated 1850, father time flies overhead with a woman carrying grain and vines, supporting a child reprenting the new year on his shoulders; an old man representing the old year behind].
119: Portrait of John Frost, Godey's Portrait Gallery [no artist identified].
120: Portrait of Joseph Ripley Chandler (1792-1880), engraved by G. Parker after Newsum [first name not known].

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