Study for Cupid and Psyche

Assistant or Pupil of Pierre Paul Prud'hon (French, Cluny 1758–1823 Paris)
Black and white chalk with some charcoal on papier bleuté (woven)
600 x 381 mm
Credit Line:
Robert Lehman Collection, 1975
Accession Number:
Not on view
Although previously thought to be by the neo-classical painter Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, this female nude was actually drawn by his assistant or pupil. A comparison of the Lehman sheet with a drawing by Prud’hon of the same figure in a slightly different pose has led us to surmise that Prud’hon’s assistant worked from the same model right alongside the great master, a lesson in itself. It appears that Prud’hon posed his model as a preparatory exercise toward a now lost painted composition of the star-crossed couple.
Marking: Inscription on paper attached to the heavy cardboard mounting: CORPS/ de CRÉANCES./EXERCIC.../ANALYSE/NO.../.../ASSIGNÉE pour la response./...DE L'ENVOI au bureau liquidateur./MOTIFS DES RETARDS DEL LA LIQUI[DATION]/ET RÉSPONSES AUX RENSEIGNEMENS DE.../ BORDEAUX MINISTÉRIELS/ Numéros.; Articles./États de RÉPARTION/Numéros.; Articles./Numéro de.../REMIS.../DATES...
[Galerie Aymonier, Paris]. Acquired by Robert Lehman from Aymonier sometime in the mid-1950s.