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Voyage de Sa Majésté Louis-Philippe 1er, Roi des Français au Château de Windsor (Visit of His Majesty Louis Philippe I, King of the Frence to Windsor Castle)

Written, illustrated and published by Édouard Pingret (French, Saint-Quentin 1788–1875 Saint-Quentin)
Illustrated by Auguste Jean Marie Jugelet (French, Brest 1800–1875 Versailles)
Illustrated by Henrietta Dowse (British, active 1844–51)
Illustrated by Auguste François Biard (French, 1799–1882)
Illustrated by Thomas Sewell Robins (British, Devonport 1810–1880 London)
Illustrated by Peter William Barlow (British, Woolwich 1809–1885 London)
Ackermann & Co., London (British, active 1829–55)
Chaillou, Paris
Aubert et Cie
Plon Frères, Paris
Lemercier & Cie. (French, Paris)
Louis Philippe, King of France (French, Paris 1773–1850 Claremont, Surrey)
Queen Victoria (British, London 1819–1901 Isle of Wight)
Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Coburg, Germany 1819–1861 Windsor)
Victoria, Princess Royal (British, London 1840–1901 Friedrichshof)
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (British, London 1841–1910 London)
Princess Alice Maud Mary (London 1843–1878)
Antoine d'Orléans, Duc de Montpensier
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (British, 1769–1852)
Marie Amalie, Queen of France (1782–1866)
Victor Adam (French, 1801–1866)
Jean Baptiste Arnout (French, 1788–after 1865)
Jules Arnout (French, 1814–1868)
Adolphe Jean Baptiste Bayot (French, 1810–1866)
Louis Pierre Alphonse Bichebois (French, 1801–1850)
Armand Cuvillier (French, active mid-19th century)
Jules David (French, 1808–1892)
Jean Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager (French, Dol 1814–1879 Crimea)
Michel Charles Fichot (French, Troyes 1817–1903 Paris)
Jacques François Gaudérique Llanta (French, Paris 1807–1864 Perpignan)
Antoine Maurin, dit l'aîné (French, 1793–1860)
A. Mayer (French, active 1840s)
Adolphe Rouargue (French, Paris, 1810–after 1870 Paris)
Léon Jean-Baptiste Sabatier (French, active 1820–27, died 1887)
Félix Achille Saint-Aulaire (French, Vercelli 1801–1889 Paris)
J. Schwaerzlé (French, active 1837–55)
Illustrations: lithographs with tint stones; one on chine collé; one color lithograph
26 3/4 x 16 1/8 x 1 3/16 in. (68 x 41 x 3 cm)
Books, Prints
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Anonymous Gift, 1941
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Not on view
Binding of white paper over boards, with text and ornament printed in gold. The contents illustrate an October 1844 visit of King Louis Philippe of France to Windsor Castle, during which he was invested with the Order of the Garter by Queen Victoria. The king left France on October 7th and arrived in England on October 8th. On October 10th he visited Twickenham and Claremont House. On October 11th he received a deputation from the City of London, was invested with the Order of the Garter, and attended a Banquet in St. George's Hall. On October 12th he visited Eton College. On October 14th he began his return journey and arrived back in France on October 15th. The Queen and Prince Albert had visited the French king at Chateau d'Eu the previous year, and these reciprocal visits helped to establish what was informally referred to as new Entente Cordiale between Britain and France.

1: Dedication to Queen Victoria by Edouard Pingret.
2: Introduction, pp. 1-2, by Edouart Pingret.
Plate 1 and text, pp. 3-5: Depart de Tréport (Departure from Le Tréport).
Plate 2 and text, pp.7-8: Arrivée Devant Portsmouth (Arrival Off the Coast of Portsmouth: naval scene and map).
Plate 3 and text, pp. 9-12: 'Le Gomer' dans le Port de Portsmouth (The King's ship 'Le Gomer' in Portsmouth Harbor).
Plate 4 and text, pp. 13-14: Débarquement à Gosport (Debarkation at Gosport).
Plate 5 and text, pp. 15-16: Arrivée du Roi à Windsor (Arrival of the King at Windsor).
Vignette, end of p. 16: Longue Allée, Windsor Park (Long Walk, Windor Great Park); lithograph by Louis Pierre Alphone Bichebois after Edouard Pingret.
Plate 6 and text, pp. 17-18: Réception du Roi Sous Le Péristyle (Reception of the King Under the Peristyle at Windsor Castle).
Vignette, p. 18: Plan en relief du Château de Windsor en 1672 (Relief Plan of Windsor Castle in 1672), lithographed by Régamey.
Plate 7 and text, pp. 19-20: Présentation au Roi des Enfants de la Reine (October 8, 1844, Presentation to the King of the Queen's Children (Victoria, Princess Royal, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and Princess Alice).
Plate 8 and text, pp. 21-23: Chambre à Coucher du Roi (The King's Bedroom at Windsor).
Plate 9: Plan du Chateau de Windsor en 1844 (Plan of Windsor Castle in 1844).
Plate 10 and text pp. 25-26: Le Roi Visite la Chapelle St. Georges (Monument de la Princesse Charlotte) (The King Visits Princess Charlotte's Memorial in St. George's Chapel).
Plate 11 and text pp. 27-28: Maison D'Orléans à Twickenham (Orleans House at Twickenham).
Plate 12 and text pp. 29-30: Visite à Claremont House (Visit to Claremont House).
Plate 13 and text pp. 33-35: Cérémonie de l'Investiture (Investiture Ceremony of the Order of the Garter).
Plate 14 and text pp. 36-39: Présentation et Lecture de l'Addresse de la Cité de Londres (Presentation and Speech by the Lord Mayor, Sir William Magnay, and other representatives of the City of London).
Plate 15 and text pp. 41-42: To His Majesty Louis Philippe, King of the French, The Address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Commons of the City of London in Common Council, Assembled, October 10th, 1844.
Plate 16 and text pp. 43-44: Le Roi au Collège d'Éton (The King at Eton College).
Plate 17 and text pp. 45-48: Le Duc de Montpensier à L'Arsenal de Woolwich (The Duke of Montpensier at the Woolwich Arsenal).
Plate 18 and text pp. 49-50: Intérieur du Carrosse de la Reine (Interior of the Queen's Railway Carriage).
Plate 19 and text p. 52: Le Retour du Roi à la Station de Gosport (The King's Return to Gosport Station).
Plate 20 and text pp. 53-54: Honneurs Militaires Rendu au Roi à Gosport (Military Honors Given to the King at Gosport).
Plate 21 and text pp. 55-56: Le Roi à la Station de New-Cross (The King at New Cross Station).
Plate 22 and text pp. 57-59: Embarquement à Douvres (Embarkation at Dover).
Vignette, end of p. 59: Jetée de Calais (Calais Jetty).
Plate 23 and text pp. 61-66: Adieu de la Reine d'Angleterre à la Marine Française (The English Queen's Farewell to the French Marines).
Vignette, p. 66: Le Gomer (Louis Philippe's ship); designed and lithographed by A. Mayer.
Plate 24 and text pp. 67-68: Débarquement du Roi au Calais (Debarkation of the King at Calais).
pp. 71-72: Itinéraire du Voyage du Roi (Itinerary of the King's Voyage).
Vignette, p. 72: Map of the King's Itinerary, by Mssrs. Locke & P.W. Barlow, Engineers, London, lithographed by Lemercier after an engraving by J. Schwaerzlé.
p. 73: Preliminary List of Subscribers.
p. 75: Table of Contents.
A. Hyatt Mayor; William M. Ivins Jr.; Donor: A. Hyatt Mayor (American) (anonymous) Donor: William M. Ivins Jr. (American) (anonymous)
Univ.Cat. II.1608
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