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Perspectives Connections

Connections: About the Series

Learn more about Connections, an online series from The Met.

Jan 24, 2011

Grid of many black-and-white headshots with one purple-hued headshot near center

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Connections invited its diverse staff to offer their personal perspectives on works of art in the Museum's vast collection. Their voices range from the authoritative to the highly subjective, and touch upon any number of themes and concepts.

Connections was a year-long series from 2011 consisting of 100 episodes, and inspires fresh ways to approach art.

Executive Director: Thomas P. Campbell
Producer: Teresa Lai
Director: Christopher Noey
Editors: Sarah Cowan, Kate Farrell, Stephanie Wuertz
Sound Recording: Mikel Frank, Jessica Glass, David Raymond
Post-Production Supervisor: Paul Caro
Proofreading: Amy Liebster, Robin Schwalb
Transcription: Corinne Colgan, Danielle Dolgin, Helena Guzik, Jamie Hoffman, Jessica Lempit, Casey Lesser, Kelly Mulrow
Technical Director: Dan Shields
Art Director: Adam Squires
Technical Producer: Austin Fisher
Photographer and Imaging Director: Jackie Neale Chadwick
Additional Production: Colin Kennedy
Additional Photography: Benjamin Jarosch
Project Advisors: Dorothea Arnold, Carrie Rebora Barratt, Kim Benzel, Andrew Bolton, Erin Coburn, Douglas Eklund, Michael Gallagher, George R. Goldner, Navina Haidar Haykel, Maxwell K. Hearn, Melanie Holcomb, and Masha Turchinsky